Check Purity of Astrology Gemstones Before You Buy

Published: 05th April 2012
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Gemstones in India are not a strange term but a term which is almost known by all, sometime as Astrology Gemstones, sometime as spiritual gemstones, sometime as medicinal gemstones etc.

It is true that people know it by different names but in every way they want to buy and have pure gemstone because they know that, for working as per their expectation it must be pure. But here as being a genuine person, you might ask how to know which gemstone is pure and authentic and how to buy such?

To select a pure gemstone you have to do little homework on this and believe me, if you will do such, pure gemstone will be in your hold in good rates. You have to understand firstly that there are basic parameters on which you should test gemstone you choose to buy, i.e.:

1.) Colour of gemstone- Every gemstone has a specific colour so before buying such, gather knowledge about the gemstone you are willing to buy and also about its colour. Check itís colour in white and plane background in sufficient lighting place so that you can see actual colour of gemstone.
2.) Cuts- Cuts are very important factor on which price of a gemstone depends because it gives the shape, shine and luster to the gemstone so itís better to check whether the gemstone you have selected is finely cut or not. Especially if you are going to buy precious gemstones like diamonds etc.
3.) Clarity- If any gemstone is with spots or with roughness, it means it is not going to favour you in luck and time as you are expecting with such Astrology Gemstones. It also looks dull and very common so itís better to avoid buying spotty gemstones.
4.) CaratĖ gemstone weight is measured into carats so at time of buying gemstone check carefully how much carat you are going to buy and what the price is per carat of such gemstone.
5.) Treatment- Some gemstones are worn after treatment to it and some are in original form. But in todayís world, synthetic gemstone are prepared by people for commercial purposes & profits and use to be sold on price of natural gemstones. So itís better if you ask in detail about the treatment done with such gemstones.
6.) Gems certificate- let you have done all the tests to get pure gemstone even if there might be a chance that you may not get the good and pure gemstone and it is also possible that you could be in loss in future at time of reselling such gemstone. Actually only purity should not be based on your sole tests but with some proper authority too. You can get approval for your gemstone from reputed authority by way of certification. Certificates are actually a report based on features of gemstones you buy. It contains several details like, colour, clarity, treatment, origin About Gemstones.

In short, it is prepared after detailed analysis of gemstone. If you buy gemstone with certificate from genuine and reputed gemstone laboratory, it is sure that you are getting the best and pure gemstone according to your wish and your pay. On basis of these certificates you can Buy Gems Online safely in good rates too.

If all these above mentioned facts will be considered by you, every gem shop will give you only pure Astrology Gemstones to buy. Now buy pure gemstone without any worry.

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